Making traditional music

Trad Swaps

At the Trad Swap we take turns sharing some of the older traditional songs and ballads. Singers sing from memory or from a book, accompanied or unaccompanied, solo or chorus songs. Singers and listeners are welcome in this casual, friendly gathering. Bring something for the snack table if you are so inspired.


Saturday, August 5, 7:30-10:30pm
"Ballads around the Firepit"
At the home of Lynn Feingold, Randolph
ColonialSongs AT aol DOT com

Bring your lawn chair, put on your mosquito repellant, bring your favorite fireside beverages, but most imporantly -- bring traditional ballads to sing. If it tells a story, doesn't necessarily have a chorus, and has been sung by people for quite some time -- bring it to the firepit. There will be light food available but the emphasis will be on singing and feeding the fire. Listeners also welcome.

So far the weather forecast looks good -- a clear, dry night, about 66 degrees. Let me know if you're coming by sending email to