Fall Getaway

Celebrating the Tradition for almost
65 Years (since 1959)

The Folk Song Society of Greater Boston is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization of people interested in folk music: its traditional origins and sources and its current expressions. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for everyone to make, enjoy, and support this music. Membership in the Folk Song Society offers you reduced admission to FSSGB concerts, attendance at singing parties and special events, a free subscription to the Folk Letter, and regular announcements of FSSGB events.

Our roughly 300 members include open and overlapping communities of singers, pickers, scholars, and friends gathering in many forms. We sponsor:
  • House concerts and special events
  • Group singing events
  • Participatory workshops
  • An extensive library of folk music (hosted at the New England Conservatory)

Folk letter

Sent quarterly to FSSGB members, the newsletter features:
  • Concert announcements
  • Details of singing parties
  • Information about other FSSGB activities
  • A calendar of folk music events in the area
  • Occasional articles by FSSGB members

Bound for Glory 2020

FSSGB is pleased to present a video celebration of 45 years of Bound for Glory shows -- our annual Woody Guthrie tribute show. Since we were unable to do the live show during COVID-19 pandemic, we assembled a collection of videos from past shows, along with a couple of new features. The show was done in the form of a YouTube "playlist" -- each song is a separate video, and there's a "menu" so you can see what's ahead and skip around if you like.

Watch the program here: Bound for Glory 2020

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A FSSGB midweek sing was featured in an episode of Acton Music Project, a TV series on the Acton Massachusetts educational access channel! Click here to view it.