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We moved our website to a new server in 2016 and as a result had to find a new way to handle our email lists. We elected to use Google Groups for all the lists. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the new list names:

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FSSGB produces an annual concert series which emphasizes fine traditional performers and interpreters of traditional music. Over the years our concerts have featured a wide variety of performers, including Pete Seeger, Kilby Snow, Gordon Bok, Elizabeth Cotten, Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger, Bessie Jones, and Jean Ritchie. Many times we present performers who would not otherwise have the opportunitity to be heard in the Boston area. Our concerts are often held in small, intimate spaces, enabling performers to reach the audience in a way that is not possible in more formal settings. FSSGB audiences are attentive, enthusiastic, and eager to participate. An FSSGB concert is a warm, cozy evening, as well as a night of topnotch folk music.

Current Concert Schedule

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FSSGB workshops explore a wide rance of topics, from gospel music to sea shanties, from the man behind the Child ballads to how to collect folk music in your own neighborhood. These workshops give members a chance to dig deeper, to learn more of what "folk music" is all about. They also provide a unique opportunity to meet the performers and exchange ideas and music in an informal, congenial atmosphere.

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Fall Getaway Weekend

Each fall, FSSGB sponsors a weekend in a tranquil setting not far from Boston. It's a chance to leave the city behind, and sing and play the days away. The weekend is filled with music, with a song swap on Friday night, workshops and mini-concerts led by professional staff and FSSGB members on Saturday and Sunday. The Fall Getaway gives members a chance to meet each other, trade songs and tunes, and enjoy a relaxing weekend in the country.

More on the Fall Getaway Weekend

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Singing Parties and Midweek Sings

Tired of singing all by yourself in the shower? FSSGB offers many opportunities for its members to make music together. Midweek sings, trad swaps and monthly singing parties (usually accompanied by a pot-luck supper) are held in various members' homes around the Boston area. Members are encouraged to bring songs to share. Instruments and friends are welcome as well. These gatherings are the perfect place to try out your favorite tune, to lead a song or simply join the chorus.

This Month's Singing Party

Trad Song SwapSchedule

Midweek Singing Schedule

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Members' Concert

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If you're ready for the "big time", be sure to sign up to perform at FSSGB's annual Members' Concert. This event provides an opportunity for members to perform in front of an appreciative audience. For those not on stage, it's a chance to enjoy the many talents of fellow FSSGB members. The supportive environment of the Members' Concert encourages the growth and development of performers and thus adds to the continuing vitality of the Boston folk music scene.

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Folk Letter/Calendar

All FSSGB members receive a subscription to the Folk Letter/Calendar, which carries concert announcements, record and concert reviews, and other folk-related news. It keeps you in touch with all the doings of the Society, lets you know where and when our events are held, and supplies you with a comprehensive list of folk events sponsored by other groups throughout New England.

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Phone Line

FSSGB no longer has a recorded events line. If you have questions about events, call Lynn at (781) 227-7500.

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FSSGB Bylaws

You can find a copy of our nonprofit bylaws here.

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